SOODO Supplementary Pills+ provide health and nutrition packs that serve as substitutes for meals, exercise and health. 
This project involved recontextualising an existing package and introducing it in a new context. The basic structure was taken from a Côte D’Or chocolate package. I chose to take an ironic and symbolic approach, creating the new packaging to sit within a medical context that promotes health. My aim was to create an abstract product that would exist in a futuristic context to emphasise the phenomena of a generation that chooses convenience over natural products. 
The brand name ‘SOODO’ was generated by taking the pronunciation of the original word pseudo, which means not genuine, an imitation, deceptive and misleading. The idea of removing all the natural ways of creating a healthy lifestyle results in losing the important social interaction that is connected to those activities. I wanted the design approach to reflect the tragedy of such a consequence. 

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